12 nutritional points to keep to for a healthy diet plan

We all love to look and feel good. So here we have 12 key pointers to keep to if you want to be your best!

1. Include a Protein Source at each meal.

Protein is everyone’s answer to lean muscle and a high, fat burning metabolism.

Eating protein at every meal and for snacks will help to control your blood sugar levels and leave you feeling full and energetic throughout the day.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in their eating is they don’t include

enough protein at each meal (some people even go all day without ANY protein). If creating a lean body and fat loss is your goal, protein is a must at each and every meal. Your protein sources will include grass fed meats, poultry, organic eggs, and wild fish.

2. Include a Healthy Fat Source at each meal.

Unfortunately many people have been falsely led to believe that fat is making

them fat. Well this is only partially true. It is the hydrogenated, highly processed, trans fats and unnatural fats that are making everyone fat. Healthy fats (that are found in nature) actually help your body burn fat. Your healthy fat sources will include: extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, all nuts (except for peanuts and cashews), raw butter, avocadoes, and the fats naturally found in whole organic eggs and meats.

3. Include a Fibrous Carbohydrate at each meal.

You do not need to go on a low carbohydrate diet to get lean, you just need to

choose the right carbohydrates to burn tons of fat off your body (and keep it off). Not only will a serving of fibrous carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables) give you the energy and vitamins and minerals you need. You will also get the added benefit of a huge amount of fiber, which has also been proven to accelerate weight loss.

Your healthy fibrous carbohydrate sources will include:

  • All vegetables
  • All fruits (in their natural form -> no juices)

4. Only include a serving of Complex Carbohydrate Post


Complex carbohydrates like brown rice, potatoes and other natural grains are

wonderful foods, but are very dense in carbohydrate content and calorie content. Your body only needs 50-100 gramsof total carbohydrates per day to function well. Considering that 1 cup of cooked brown rice contains45 gramsof carbs, it is very easy to go well over your daily necessary amount if carb dense foods are included in every one of your meals. That is why we save these foods for after your workouts. If you don’t workout on a particular day, you are better off excluding these foods from your meal plan for that day. Your Complex Carbohydrate sources will include: Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Millet, Quinoa, Sweet potatoes and Beans.

5. Eat every 2-3 hours, totaling 5-7 meals each day.

Fueling your body consistently during the day keeps your metabolism cranking all day long. I am not suggesting you gorge yourself with food until you feel overly full – just eat several small, well portioned meals.

A sample eating time schedule may be:8am,11am,1pm,4pm,6pm,8pm. You won’t feel hungry when you are consistently fueling your body the right way.

6. Drink ½ of your Body Weight in clean water each day.

Most people who are suffering from digestive disorders, headaches, muscle and joint pains and obesity are really just extremely dehydrated and can quickly remedy some of their symptoms just by drinking an adequate amount of water each day! Drink a minimum of ½ of your bodyweight in ounces of clean water each day (that means no tap water). So a200 lbperson should be drinking100 ouncesof water each day. If you drink coffee, you need to add8 ouncesof water for every cup of coffee you have.

7. Avoid all Processed Non-Foods

I call most processed foods “non-foods” because the ingredients label describes more of a science experiment than anything that can be called a food. It is these processed, toxic foods that are keeping and making our country so fat. This includes packaged cakes, cookies, frozen meals and so called “health bars.” Chances are if a product has a long shelf life, it has been infused with a high amount of toxic substances to keep it there. And do you know what these toxic substances do to your body? They make you fat. And worse yet, they make it impossible for your body to burn fat.

8. Eliminate all processed sugar and artificial sweeteners

Refined sugar causes weight gain and is one of the leading causes of obesity in the world. Sugar is also extremely addictive (causing feeling of highs and lows in the body similar to most drugs). Fortunately for those looking for a lean, defined body, once you stop eating sugar, your addiction will quickly disappear. People who are “on” sugar crave it all the time. People who are “off” sugar, don’t even miss it. Unfortunately, many times when people decide to give up sugar, they quickly resort to artificial sweeteners, but artificial sweeteners are not the answer. Sorbitol, saccharin, aspartame and sucrolose may actually be worse for you than sugar itself. Artificial sweeteners cause weight gain by disrupting your body’s natural hormones. So it is equally as important to eliminate any food that contains the above mentioned sweeteners.

9. Eliminate all Wheat from your meal plan.

Most people are highly intolerant to wheat and wheat containing products. This is confirmed by the high prevalence of irritable bowel syndrome, chronic

constipation and conditions such as gluten intolerance and chrohn’s disease.

You may not necessarily be “allergic” to wheat (where you would have a severe reaction) but you may be highly intolerant to it (where you always feel bloated, suffer gastrointestinal distress, or just can’t get that pooch in your lower abs to go away). When people eliminate wheat from their diets the results are miraculous. They are able to achieve a lean body in a shorter amount of time and feel much healthier and energetic in the process. Wheat containing products are most breads, baked goods, cereals, cookies and crackers.

10. Do not microwave your food.

Avoid using a microwave. While this opinion is controversial, I believe that

microwaving food is not healthy for the body. And anything unhealthy for the

body can put an incredible amount of stress on your digestive system and your liver. Without these organs and organ systems functioning properly, it becomes extremely difficult for your body to eliminate and metabolize unwanted fat from your body. I promise you that if you eliminate the use of the microwave, you will reach your fat loss goals much faster.

11. Include a high quality Omega 3 supplement in your meal


Healthy fats in wild fish and nuts like walnuts are some of the best oils for the

human body. Unfortunately we would have to consume a large amount of salmon and walnuts everyday to get the necessary amounts. An easier approach is to supplement your meal plan with a high quality Omega 3 supplement.

12. Designate one “Reward” meal per week.

A wonderful benefit to your cheat meal is that you will never feel deprived. If you want some cake, just have it. If you are following all of the above principles on a consistent basis, having a slice of cake, a bowl of ice-cream or some pizza once per week will not stop you from losing belly fat.


Who would like to add to this list? What other key tips would you adhere to?


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