Hairstyle of the month : A slick back undercut

Hairstyle of the month : A slick back undercut

It relies just as much on its styling as it does on its cut. The undercut sits as one of the most fashionable styles for 2012, being versatile and one capable of working with most hair types, straight/wavy hair. It is also good to conceal a receding hairline.

Short back and sides with the length through the top. The beauty of this style lies in working the upper parts of your hair whilst making it look like a fresh cut. It’s all about the lengths – keep the sides short and your hair on top long.  Ask your hairdresser to create a disconnection between the hair around the crown and top with the rest of the head. The sides and back can be cut with a clipper and the scissor on top  for a tailored finish.


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