How to eat a Designer Hamburger

Come across these designer burgers yet? GBK, Cattlegrid, hache burgers… ring any bells?

There are certain rules which are essential when eating a designer burger, you can thank me later.

  1. Place your napkin on your lap – not in the collar of your £90 pound shirt. Never talk with your mouth full or chew with it gaping open.
  2. Hold firmly with two hands – like someone was trying to steal it from you. Make sure to put it down in-between bits.
  3. As your burger is hand held food – you can eat your chips with your hands also.
  4. Take manageable sized bites – there’s no need for massive mouthfuls. How embarrassing if you actually choke… even worse if you have to spit it out.
  5. If your burger is really too big – resort to cutlery.
  6. Keep your fingers as clean as possible, and by this I mean by using a napkin, NEVER EVER lick your fingers.
  7. If extra sauce is provided – open your burger and adjust to how you like it. If however there is a topping you don’t like, mention it when you order rather than picking bits out when your food arrives.

Am I missing anything? Anybody been to Byron’s in Westfield, London? The restaurant at the top floor do great burgers, especially with one of there homemade milkshakes. How did you eat your burger there?


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