What not to eat on your first date

Guys are always thinking about what to eat when you go out. Whether it’s on a first date, or you’re taking your partner out for a decent meal. What guys are also thinking at the same time are the implications of choosing the wrong type of food… “what if it goes down me?” or what clothes to wear to a restaurant just in case you want to go out after “Should I wear my new hand made Di Biasi shirt?”

The answer… DON’T PANIC! If you’re like any normal guy you’ll be hungry, so try to follow the below…

Phase 1 – PREPARE

Eat before you go out. What?! eat 2 meals – I do this all the time, you don’t want to be the guy that eats TOO much or the guy who is ANGRY after you have a little bit of caviar and you’re A-game goes out the window ‘cos your not focused and too concerned where your next meal comes from! Like my mum use to say – “a hungry man, is an angry man”. This way you can cleverly pick from the menu a meal that is appropriate. Bide by the rules below and guess what? Phase one – simples.


I’m going to break this down into 5 types of foods you should stay clear of.

  1. spaghetti – despite how romantic the dog from lady and the tramp was, there is nothing romantic about splash back from sauce going down your birthday suit. Even if you are a master of eating spaghetti (like me) stick with penne, this way you don’t have to worry about the fork turning technique and therefore sauce spatter in her eye. Penne is easy – you can spear gracefully with cutlery.
  2. shellfish – what are you thinking? If you think you’re top dog buying an expensive lobster is the way to impress your date, think again. Struggling with the fiddly shell on a king prawn is tough enough, let alone trying to be graceful with a pair of claw pliers, this is definitely a no no!
  3. burritos/fajitas/tacos – this is a first date guys, no! Spare the embarrassment of guacamole down your front. Even the thought of touching her with your sticky pork juice isn’t enough, trying to fill a wrap in your mouth with pieces of rice or cheese falling around your hands definitely isn’t the way to go. Try a fajita salad or a fork alternative – remember, phase 1.
  4. Designer hamburgers – something like gourmet burger? How do you eat this? Do you try put the whole stack in your mouth or knock it open and eat the fillings individually? Its time consuming and messy either way. Steak and mash is an easier alternative.
  5. Any food with seeds – order raspberries or poppy seed bagels and you’re bound to get bits around your gums. How sexy is it when she says you have bits stuck in your teeth? Not a good look! Also – corn on a cob and spinach has to be avoided.

I need help with PHASE 3 – where do you think is best for a first date? No ‘Happy meal’ replies please.


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