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One-off items are the only way to ensure that you don’t end up wearing the same outfit as your mate, the ultimate fashion fail.

The worst situation to find your self in- is a club or restaurant and you and three other guys are wearing the same outfit. It can happen to any one, any age, any place. Last minute shopping on the high street is the first step towards this fashion faux pas. The styles appeal to everyone and look good, but the downside is, everyone has them.

This one of the reasons why MyEdo exists today. We were fed up of this happening and seeing our favourite fashion pieces everywhere. Part of the MyEdo ethos is to provide exclusive and one-off pieces. Of all the Italian brands we hold, only 2-3 items per style and colour will be available. So if you decide (and we hope you do) to share some MyEdo secrets with your friends it is unlikely that you will end up with same outfit. It also means you have to get the pieces whilst they are hot, because they are unlikely to be around for long.

Blazer Dotty Shirt

Neill Katter Exclusive Blazer

Italian fashion is becoming more prevalent on the London clothing scene and a key apart of their style is their individual stamp into any outfit. If you go to any street in Milan, you won’t find anyone wearing the same outfit the same way. A key part for the style of men and women’s fashion in Italy is having key pieces in flattering cuts. A well-fitting blazer or Nico Didonna shift dress can look good a thousand different ways in as many situations.

The brands we have chosen to offer to you provide classic cuts in current colours and styles. You can find any piece for your capsule wardrobe on MyEdo and even something you may want to keep for that one special occasion.

Neill Katter one off blazer

Harping on about exclusivity and one off pieces is nothing new and all well and good if you have a limitless bank balance. Exclusivity = pricey. Not on MyEdo. The other key part of our ethos is to make exclusivity accessible. A lot of our products are hand made, a feat not a lot of other online retailers can boast. Plus with limited availability, you we can almost guarantee (almost) that you will not be turning up in the same outfit as your friend. #justsaying

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