What I’ve been Wearing

The weather is sunny with a bit of a chill this morning. Location: Richmond (Startup Britain’s Flagship Popup Shop)

So today I have opted for bright colours, lighter materials and a cashmere jumper (hopefully this will only be needed for the morning).

I am wearing Calvin Klein underwear ( I must have been one of there best customers until Bloke Undees hit the shelves, I have been converted to the Aussie brand, nonetheless I dont have a pair for everyday so Klein’s it is!)

I am wearing green Tommy Hilfiger chino’s, a white plain tshirt from topman (its very old but it wont be on show). A blue cashmere jumper by Di Biasi, luckily being the owner I get samples so its something im trialing to see if i want to add this line of jumpers to the site.


And over the blue jumper I have a brown linen Neill katter blazer. Check the attention to detail, white inner lining with flowers (consisting of red, green, blue and yellow, these all match my other items I’m wearing today). To finish the look I roll up the sleeves as the inner lining matches the pocket square! #suave

As I havent got any meetings today I will be finishing this smart and casual (but chic) look with white vans.

Until tomorrow,

ciao x

Hi my name is Edoardo Cannarsa, founder of MyEdo.

I will be posting a 7 day outfit diary starting today!

Everyday I will be in my popup shop in Richmond (opposite the train station, pop in and say hi and browse the great menswear I have available!)

A quick fact about me: I love classic menswear designers; Ralph Lauren, Gant, Tommy Hilfiger… Makes an easy capsule wardrobe and allows me to add other Italian brands to the outfit so I can add some individuality to my style.

So what i’m wearing today…

Starting with the all important underwear, made by Hamilton and Hare (no im not showing this off!).

I am a Ralph Lauren man through and through, so today Im going to be showing how I am a true gent by wearing Ralph Lauren socks, red chinos and blue jumper. Under the jumper I am wearing a white Di Biasi shirt (love wearing a classic shirt no matter what the occasion!)

And above I am wearing a beautifully hand crafted, made in Italy, Neill Katter double breasted blazer. The tweed has a blend of blue, green, red and yellow so it all goes with the red trousers and blue jumper which has the traditional Ralph Lauren red logo horse.

As the weather outside is raining I will be finishing the look with Ricco Brogues. Solid shoes which I have had for over a year now, and they still fit! They havent lost shape so I know the quality is great.

I have one meeting today at  the shop (with a designer) so the look I have gone for is quite smart although I know the designer will probably come wearing jeans and a t-shirt, I think its important that I still make the effort!

When I’m in the shop I think its great to show off the louder blazers and jackets on myself so shoppers/customers can see it on which may entice them to try something different!

Until tomorrow,

Ciao x


Owner at Myedo.co.uk
Men's fashion online store, specialising in blazers and outdoor jackets.

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